Myths, Mummies and Magic in Ancient Egypt

Myths, Mummies and Magic in Ancient Egypt book cover
Part of the Comic Book Myths series:
  • Myths, Mummies and Magic in Ancient Egypt

The ancient Egyptian myths are some of the oldest and most famous stories in the world. This sumptuous new comic book collection contains six tales full of mythical creatures, gods, pharaohs and adventure. With striking illustrations by Nuria Tamarit, these retellings of the Egyptian myths will delight readers of all ages.

Publisher: Big Picture Press
Reviews:Lancashire Evening Post wrote:

Bursting with detail and humour, and Tamarit's funny and fascinating comic-strip illustrations, this fully accessible and entertaining retelling of ancient myths is a delight for readers both young and old.

Love Reading 4 Kids wrote:

This book is the perfect introduction to the world of the ancient Egyptians. Boldly illustrated in comic strips, full of detail and scattered with excellent jokes too, it will appeal to readers of all ages...An attractive, accessible and intelligent introduction to a fascinating world.

Caroline Lawrence wrote:

This new hardback about Egyptian mythology and history is superb. Witty and informative, it is also child-friendly. And the full colour illustrations are wonderful. Perfect for any kid 7+ who loves ancient history.

School Reading List wrote:

With vibrant spreads and short, accessible bursts of text, this is the perfect book for lower KS2 Ancient Egyptian topics. Packed with both adventure and information, it will encourage children to think about, discuss and find out more about the life, culture and beliefs of this period.

Books for Topics wrote:

We like the way the stories have been simplified without losing the sense of other-world mysticism; confident readers from Year 3 upwards would find this a great way of picking up these tales for the first time. Readers familiar with Ancient Egypt will enjoy the humour and there’s a good dash of obscure fact to add to their knowledge.

I wrote here about the extraordinary sources of some of the tales in the book.

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