School Visits

An inspirational speaker

– Librarian, Highfield School, Hampshire

The students have talked about your visit ever since

– Librarian, Mountbatten School, Romsey

The best author visit we have ever had

– Librarian, Headington Prep School, Oxford

I love visiting schools and am currently taking bookings for author visits in 2024 and 2025. To book me for an event or to find out more information, please email Yvonne Lang

When I visit a school, I do a twenty-minute assembly followed by four creative writing workshops of up to one hour each.

Early Years and Key Stage 1

African storybooks

For this age group, I offer an interactive storytelling session based on my book Don’t Spill the Milk. We learn about the book’s West African context and practise balancing bowls on our heads. Chaotic, educational and fun.

Lower Key Stage 2 (Years 3 and 4)

A Night in the Museum

Creative writing workshop based on my book The Ancient Egypt Sleepover. Pupils learn about real museum sleepovers and ask themselves what could possibly go wrong. Periods of speed writing interspersed with fun tips on characterisation and plotting.


Character Creation

How to create intriguing and believable characters for our stories.

Upper Key Stage 2 (Years 5 and 6)

Iceberg ahead!

Creative writing workshop based on my book Survivor:Titanic. Each pupil imagines a passenger on the Titanic and I lead them through the process of plotting an adventure story. Includes useful tips on description, dialogue and narrative. Details here.


Character Creation

How to create intriguing and believable characters for our stories.

Key Stage 3 (Years 7 and up, adapted for age)

How to Write a Thriller

A fast, furious release of creativity, dreaming up thriller concepts and characters. This session uses examples from my books Chessboxer and Blood & Ink but it is not necessary for students to be familiar with these texts.


How to Write a Travel Feature

Practical advice from Africa Geographic‘s Travel Writer of the Year 2003


Thank you for coming to visit us on Friday. The children had a great time and we had so much positive feedback. A few children have been to see me today to tell me that they have gone out over the weekend and got themselves a writing journal, which is absolutely brilliant.

Sam Benford, Warren Park Primary School, Havant

Stephen visited our school on Monday of our Book Week. He had communicated very clearly in advance about his workshops and put together a great programme based on our daily timetable and the numbers in each year group in school. He was happy to sign books at lunchtime for part time students, and at the end of the day – and ended up staying an hour longer than expected! Stephen had a lovely manner with the students, making them feel at ease to offer ideas. He led a whole school assembly as a powerful start to the day, and his key stage two workshops on building a character were particularly inspiring. Many teachers went on to use this in the classroom during the week with excellent results, and several reluctant writers went on to create their own stories. This was the best author visit we have ever had – thank you Stephen!

Julie Sale, librarian, Headington Prep School, Oxford

We had a great author visit as part of our Book Week. Every class fed back to me and thought you were inspirational. The children are eager to read your books in our library. We are due to have two settees and more bean bags delivered tomorrow.

Alison Ainsworth, Deputy Head, Cinnamon Brow Primary School, Warrington

“Stephen is a natural. He exudes warmth and a genuine interest in children. His curiosity for this part of the world was obvious, as he shared the real life experiences behind his stories. Stephen tailored his presentations and workshops depending on the grade level in way that hooked the students (and teachers). Our students were engaged and motivated during his workshops and some continued with the their stories back in class. I have started a writers workshop with my Grade 6’s and students are using many of the techniques and strategies they learned from Stephen. I highly recommend him as a visiting author to schools and would love for him to return.”

Andrea Morris, KAUST school, Saudi Arabia

I have been getting feedback from the students, and they really enjoyed your visit. One of them told me (unbidden) that he had learnt about the importance of creating a good character and thought it would greatly increase his fiction writing skills!

Margaret Taylor, Librarian, Henry Cort Community College, Fareham

Hi Steve. Thanks for all your hard work on Monday – We were all hugely impressed by your ability to engage the students. I have had nothing but really positive feedback. The students have talked about your visit ever since.

Sue Moody, Librarian, Mountbatten School, Romsey

Stephen Davies came to our class to talk to us and we were blown away. This was the first time we actually thought of writing as a fun thing to do. He gave us some background info on some of his books. Imagine hearing how a character in a book you read was made! He made writing seem natural and “cool”. I think many of us are thinking about writing as a hobby now. I certainly am.

Mahima Kumar, Year 10 student, International School of Dakar

Stephen has a quiet, calm and yet very engaging manner. He shared fascinating details of his experiences as a writer to excite the students and walked them through some practical tips to get their ideas down on paper quickly. The sessions were interactive, varied and accessible by students of all levels of interest and ability. A distinct highlight was the travel writing session, based on Stephen’s experience of a fishing festival in Mali. Students were thrilled with the results and very motivated to see their words and ideas already forming, in less than an hour. I can’t wait to go back to the pieces they started and continue developing them. Students felt that Stephen gave them some of the keys to see their own writing in print one day.”

Hannah Greenfield, the KAUST school, Saudi Arabia

I am currently taking bookings for author visits in 2024 and 2025. To make a booking or to find out more information, please email Yvonne Lang