Hilda and the Hidden People

Meet Hilda: explorer, adventurer, avid sketchbook-keeper and friend to every creature in the valley! Join our heroine as she meets her very first troll, negotiates with some very persnickety elves and tries to solve the mystery of the midnight giant.

Publisher: Flying Eye Books
Reviews:Booktrust wrote:

A fun and pacey adventure combining a contemporary heroine with a gentle mythological element

Publishers Weekly wrote:

Dynamic cartoon art brings the book to life, Hilda’s bravery is an inspiration, and the world’s details will pull readers in

Kirkus wrote:

Snarky and fun

I really enjoyed writing these Hilda books based on the BAFTA award-winning animation.

Hilda herself is a great character: brave, adventurous, inquisitive and quirky. When a storm is brewing, she rushes outside to sleep in the tent. When she sees a terrifying troll rock, her first impulse is to sketch it. When she gets lost in a dark forest, she is thrilled to the core, for ‘such is the life of an adventurer’.

Hilda is no goody-goody, but she still provides a positive role model for children – a courageous girl striding cheerfully through the world, seeking out the good in everyone and everything.

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