Leah is a genius. She’s a few wins away from becoming a chess grandmaster and her life is on course to achieve everything her mom and coach want for her. But Leah is at stalemate, grieving for her father and feeling suffocated. She’s ready to quit chess completely – but chess isn’t ready to quit her. Leah Baxter is about to discover her new gambit: chessboxing, a fierce hybrid sport which will test body and mind to their limits. Can the pawn become the queen?

Publisher: Andersen Press
Reviews:Kirkus wrote:

A rising, rousing bout fuelled by brains, brawn and belligerency

Foreword Magazine wrote:

Funny and fast, Chessboxer and its heroine bridge the gap between board games and the boxing ring in unexpected and fun ways

Metro wrote:

Original, brash, funny and poignant, Chessboxer will have readers rooting for tough, tenacious Leah throughout

LoveReading4Kids wrote:

Passion, grief and the personal growth of an unforgettable chess-boxing heroine, this is a knockout novel in every way

Sarah Crossan wrote:

Gripping and surprising. I gulped it down

Matt 'Crazy Arms' Read, chessboxer, wrote:

Unbelievably well written

Natalie Perry wrote:

I know nothing about chess or boxing BUT I LOVED THIS BOOK!

Minerva Reads wrote:

This scintillating book pulses with energy. Chessboxer pounds with the punch of a boxer, and yet remains contemplative, with ideas behind the fast-paced plot as thoughtful as a chess player

Caroline Lawrence wrote:

the grittiness of Robert Muchamore and the compassion of Sarah Crossan