Blood & Ink

Kadija is the music-loving daughter of a guardian of the sacred manuscripts of the ancient city of Timbuktu, Mali. Ali is a former shepherd boy, trained as a warrior for Allah.
Tonight, the Islamist rebels are coming for Timbuktu. They will install a harsh regime of law and tear apart the peaceful world within the mud walls of the city. Television, football, radios, even music, will be banned.
Kadija refuses to let go of her former life. And something in her defiance draws Ali to her. Which path will he choose?

Publisher: Andersen Press
Reviews:Caroline Lawrence wrote:

I think this book should be in every school library and even more, on every Key Stage 3 reading list

Bookwitch wrote:

Blood & Ink is just as good, probably better, than even I had imagined…a fascinating journey in religion and humanity and love

Cethan Leahy wrote:

A sterling job. An exciting combination of sweeping romance, adventure, danger and history, and it whizzes by at a galloping speed

Ramblings of an Elfpire wrote:

An action-packed but historically significant novel that grips you from beginning to end

Books For Keeps wrote:

It’s not just Ali and Kadija who leap off the page but their friends, family and neighbours too. The story is gripping, full of excitement, romance and heart-stopping moments

Enchanted Books wrote:

This book has everything to offer the reader; action-packed adventure, historical events and thrilling real-life danger pumped with emotions and feelings. A great infusion of religious culture will leave you thinking, even after the last page has been turned